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  info 30x30    Within the wind sector, ENERCON has been one of the leading technology companies for more than 35 years. Their commitment to a gearbox-less drive concept has become the common feature of all ENERCON wind turbines. Likewise, areas such as rotor blade design, control technology or network connection make ENERCON a pioneer company; proof of this is its enormous innovative power backed by a large number of new technological developments. Continuous research and development become guarantors of the success of the company, to which the Production and Service areas are added. All major components are manufactured by suppliers who produce exclusively for ENERCON. As a result, a high quality standard and the great reliability of ENERCON wind turbines are guaranteed. Our product range includes wind turbines with 800 to 5500 kilowatts of nominal power. The newest type of wind turbine is the E-160 EP5 with a rotor diameter of 160 meters.

The number of ENERCON wind turbines installed worldwide exceeds 30,292 units with a total power of more than 53.0 gigawatts (as of 08/2020). ENERCON wind turbines have a network power system that is certified in accordance with the latest connection requirements. In this way, they are seamlessly integrated into all transmission and distribution network structures. In accordance with the company motto "ENERGY FOR THE WORLD", ENERCON promotes and develops universal regenerative solutions, committing itself to future technologies such as energy storage, electric mobility and smart grids. At the same time, it continues to expand its activities globally in line with demand. ENERCON is currently present in more than 45 countries around the world through a decentralized commercial, service and maintenance network.

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